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Truth BE told!

In 1991 the Cooks pioneered Estereo Vida. It is the only Christian radio station in the densest jungle in the world. One of the programs on Estereo Vida is the 2 year Bible school, making it possible for all of the national pastors to be trained in the Word of God. Many of the Pastors (across all denominations) in the jungle have attended this Bible school over the air. This radio station reaches approximately 70,000 residents on a daily basis. Due to the lack of communications in most of the jungle, people can go to the radio station and pass a message to their loved ones. For this reason the radio is the first thing every household turns on in the morning and the last thing they turn off at night.

Every year we have a special day of radio programming promoting unity between the different denominations. For 12 hours straight one pastor after another preaches on the radio. It is a wonderful time of preaching Gods Word and unity.

We are broadcasting in the Spanish language and one of the Indian dialects. The Indians are very excited about this because many deeper into the jungle do not speak or understand Spanish well and are now hearing the Gospel in their own dialect for the first time.

We Are Vida


Meet Rev. Dennis and Jeanne Cook,
founders of Vida Ministry.

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