everyday-lifeFootsteps of Faith in our Everyday Life

A book by Jeanne Cook

Sensing the Holy Spirit’s direction to minister to the Choco Indians there, they established their base in the Darien Jungle, considered by National Geographic as the densest jungle of the world. Their work includes the establishment of churches throughout the various villages, a ministerial association to unify and mentor pastors from various denominations, Ministers Conferences in Central America, Colombia and Brazil, and a robust children’s ministry, Children Reaching Children, that reaches into every village.

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Integrity: The Broken Link to Biblical Success


A book by Dennis Cook

Many people, families and ministries end up on the trash heap because of a lack of integrity. This book helps us see God’s view on this important aspect of our lives and the effects it has on our relationship with Him and our success in completing our work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As the Body of Christ, we must to the best of our abilities walk as an integer with our Heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The integrity of our heart will lead us to make the correct decisions to further ourselves, our families and our ministries.

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alex-elena-book-mission-panamaA Mission in Panama

This is the page of the fund-raising photobook "A Mission In Panama" by renowned music producer Alex Elena.

The book is published by Visionoir Srl - the Music & Art Production Company founded and owned by Italian rock noir band Belladonna - and it's the brainchild of Visionoir's MD Fabrizio Capanna.

All the proceeds from the book will go to the rural tribes depicted in the book itself.

Please purchase the book or make a donation to help support the incredible indigenous tribes of Panama.

Leapy's Adventures at the Zoo


A book by Jeanne Cook

Join Leapy the Frog on his adventures with his friend, Mojo the Monkey. In "Leapy Discovers the Zoo", Leapy travels deep in the Panamanian jungle to a place he has never seen before. Iggy Iguana shows him the way, and Leapy makes many new friends.

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We Are Vida


Meet Rev. Dennis and Jeanne Cook,
founders of Vida Ministry.

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