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1 Corn. 12:12 tells us that God gives all of us special talents. He gives them to bless our lives and to use them for the kingdom. A pastor who was recently here told me that God blesses you in the area that you have knowledge in. Everyone has a different talent making all of us unique. Missionaries cannot work on the foreign field. They are totally dependant on the finances and talents within the body of Christ.

Vida Ministries has a large ministry. Construction groups from the United States have sent many construction groups here over the years. They have built everything in the ministry including:

• Large mission house
• Dormitory that sleeps 40 people
• Two conference halls
• Seven churches
• Storage buildings
• Radio station

It is beautiful when the body gives of their God given talents to bless the body of Christ.

If this is your talent, we strongly recommend this group to you.

We Are Vida


Meet Rev. Dennis and Jeanne Cook,
founders of Vida Ministry.

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