Bible School and Special Conferences


We have a two year Bible school over the radio for the pastors and leaders who cannot travel to the physical Bible school. Because it is over the air the pastors across all denominations can listen and get their training. It has really raised the standard of the word of God in the jungle. It is a life time cry to be able to get training when they feel called but not equipped to the ministry. The Bible school is for all denominations. It has been a great tool to unite denominations in the jungles.

The physical Bible school is held on the mission complex and taught by many pastors who come on a monthly bases to invest their wisdom into the pastors here in Panama. It is a two year Bible school. When they complete the course they are given a certificate of completion.

Every three months we hold leadership classes that train pastors in the day to day challenges of ministry life. They are taught leadership and the practical things in the ministry to make them run a successful church.


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