Bible School and Special Conferences


In 2015 the Lord spoke to Dennis and told him to open a physical Bible school. We had a Mobil Bible school years ago as Dennis took the Bible school to each village for a period of two years. Then we began the radio station and put the Bible school over the radio. This made it possible for us to reach all of the pastors across all denominations with the Bible school. The word of God exploded over night as all the young pastors had their hearts desire to go to Bible school.

In 2015 the heads of the denominations asked us to pray about having a physical Bible school once again. They asked us to teach their leaders the basic doctrines of faith. So we began in 2015. We graduated 12 students. Then the Lord spoke to us about beginning a second year. So in 2016 we will continue with our first year class and begin our second year classes. The school year is for 9 month per year. Upon finishing they receive a certificate

Rewarding them for their faithfulness to attend every class.

We Are Vida


Meet Rev. Dennis and Jeanne Cook,
founders of Vida Ministry.

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