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"Carrying spring water to a dry and desert land." Is.32:2

We would like to introduce you to Vida Ministries. The founders, Rev. Dennis and Jeanne Cook, have been missionaries in the Darien jungle of Panama, Central America since 1981. Their four grown children, Christopher, Jennifer, Jason and Chad, spent many years helping in the ministry in the jungle. Chad, their youngest son, serves as a missionary with them in the jungle. Three of the other children have married and have children of their own and reside within the United States. They have 8 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

The vision of Vida Ministries is to train national pastors in a two-year Bible School and to establish strong local churches. They have established 7 churches inside the Chocó Indian reservation. Rev. Dennis is the only man that was granted permission by the Indian authorities to establish churches on the Chocó Indian reservation.

In 1991 the Cooks pioneered Radio Vida. It is the first and only Christian radio station in the densest jungle in the world. One of the programs on Radio Vida is a 2 year Bible school. The program makes it possible for the national pastors in the Darien to be trained in the Word of God. Many of the pastors (across all denominations) in the jungle have attended this Bible school over the air. This radio station reaches approximately 70,000 residents on a daily basis. There is a lack of communications in most of the jungle however people can go to the radio station and pass a message to their loved ones. For this reason the radio is the first thing every household turns on in the morning and the last thing they turn off at night.

The Cooks also pioneered a confraternity called United Pastors. The purpose of this organization is to unite the body of Christ. Pastors work together in major events and crusades. They are brothers in the Lord, and the love they have between them is recognized as a spirit of excellence in the ministry. Vida Ministries has supplied many of these churches with a Sunday School Curriculum and supplies. They minister to over 1100 children on a weekly basis through this program.

Rev. Dennis counsels many of the national pastors and is highly esteemed by their supervisors. He is known as the spiritual father to many of the young pastors in the jungle.

Vida Ministries is involved in many outreaches in the community. They raised money and turned a one-room clinic into a 48-bed, totally equipped hospital. For seven years they were the ambulance drivers for that hospital and helped transport patients to the hospital because of a lack of four wheel-drive vehicles. In those days there were not many vehicles in the jungle. They owned a jeep that could get in and out of anything. They assisted in developing a vaccination program to reduce the death rate of the children in the jungle. Many of the children in those days died before they were one year old due to disease. Today less than 10% of the children die from disease.

They petitioned the Panamanian government to begin schools in every town. Now every town has a school that goes up to the 6th grade. They worked with the American Ambassador to begin computer centers in the schools so that the children could broaden their horizons.

They host many groups that come to minister to the residents of the jungle. These groups vary from medical clinics, Children’s crusades, construction groups and youth evangelism groups. They are known for their youth teams that give hands-on experience to the teens that and put a heart for missions in them. Many of the youth that went to the Darien years ago are now pastors and missionaries. Many bring their youth groups there so that their youth can experience what they experienced many years ago. If you are interested in bringing a group there contact them by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If you would be interested in having the Cooks speak at your church, please contact us here.

Vida Ministries is supported 100% by church and individual donations.
Thank you for your faithful generosity.

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Meet Rev. Dennis and Jeanne Cook,
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